“I have loved life, I have no sorrow to leave it”

Basic Funeral Package


  • Cremation fees
  • Professional fees
  • Humanist/Civil Celebrant
  • Doctors fees
  • Coffin
  • Hearse
  • Removal (includes out of hours)
  • Chapel of rest
  • Name plate
  • Pall bearers

We do it all, then transport your loved ones ashes back to you, for you to organise a fitting memorial, which we can help you to organise.

All costs can be changed and personalized to accommodate the clients wishes
Prices from £2540.00 (cremation only, fully inclusive)

Coffin Specifications

“I DID IT MY WAY”, also offers wicker caskets & environmentally friendly cardboard caskets which can be beautifully decorated. More spectacular caskets can be ordered, but is dependent on what our clients want to spend. Please note, the cost of these would not be included in the costings for the funerals listed. We are always happy to discuss your requirements with you. Please note that our prices do not include flowers, orders of service or notices in the newspaper.